An ISO 9001: 14001 certified entity involved in the manufacture of submersible pumps and motors....

Brand of Dominance
Being addressed as a pioneer in the field of revolutionizing through the advent of submersible pumps, N.S.P. Pumps Private Limited surely remains a winner. When we say....."Simply built to last"......we mean it. Our company is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of submersible pumps including 4" Submersible Pumps (0.5 HP to 5 HP), 6" Submersible Pumps (3 HP to 25 HP), 8" Submersible Pumps (10 HP to 75 HP) and 10" Submersible Pumps (35 HP to 150 HP). We have started manufacturing our submersible pumps & motors under the brand- BSA (Best Solution to Agriculture) since 2004.

Since its inception in the year 1965, our company has ever maintained its vision of providing the best pumping solutions to its customers, be it their field, homes or industries- in each and every part of India. We further strive to cater "energy power saving" products, to our customers. Thus, we remain committed to produce the best pumps not just from the electric side but hydraulics, too. Based on the global fame of our economical range, we have set the goal to achieve the sales target of Rs. 16 crore by the end of financial year- 2009-2010.

A Brief of Our History
The founder chairman of N.S.P. Pumps- Resp. Shri Dwarkadas Patel, conceptualized the company's foundation as a small workshop at PATAN to serve the farmers to get the solution for their problematic submersible pumps. Repairing various branded Submersible Pumps at the workshop, our experienced professionals finally manufactured "NSP" submersible pumps (up to 150 HP).

Owing to our quality collection, we have successfully entered into the domestic markets of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Orissa, Himachal Pradesh and West Bengal. Since 2000, we have ventured into the export market on a worldwide scale.

Our Range
Our ISI marked pumps & motors are applicable for aquaduct, water treatment, agricultural irrigation, market garden, landscaping, industrial applications, fire fighting, civil engineering, land reclamation, and stock farming. We are the manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the range encompassing:

  • 4" Submersible Pumps (0.5 HP to 5 HP)
  • 6" Submersible Pumps (3 HP to 25 HP)
  • 8" Submersible Pumps (10 HP to 75 HP)
  • 10" Submersible Pumps (35 HP to 150 HP).

Features of Our Submersible Pumps & Motors
  • Versatile, light weight, multistage pump designed for permanent immersed operation
  • NSP pump incorporates Noryl GNF2 techno-polymer impellers and diffusers
  • NSP motor is squirrel cage wet type, water cooled, rewindable with corrosion free internals
  • These motors have special high efficient radial & thrust bearing design, along with stainless steel stator to prevent rust formation.
Quality Stamp

We philosophically believe “The ladder of success must be set upon something solid before you can start to climb”. Known for our quality, cost effectiveness and reliability, our products ensure satisfactory performance at peak levels with minimum maintenance.

To remain at the forefront of the industry, we have adopted several stringent quality control procedures, which are as per the international quality standards. We have our own quality control lab equipped with all testing facilities. Regular inspections are conducted by our team of quality control inspectors, right from the procurement stage to the packaging of finished products.

Infrastructural Setup

Our company's state-of-the-art infrastructural unit is well equipped with all the required machinery for the manufacturing purpose. Our professionals adopt ideal techno-concepts in pumps as they emerge around the world and blend them with the demands of topographical and geo-climatic conditions in their target markets to create ideal product solutions.

The R&D division backed by highly trained & skilled technology personnel, enables adequate design & development of highly efficient products that have an inherent strength to brave tough working conditions such as sandy regions. It also gives our company a clear edge in comprehensive customization, meeting your requirements and expectations to the minutest specification in real terms.